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Cindy Lyon, a dedicated Real Estate Broker with The Lyon Group, stands out as a beacon of support for local veterans in Bremerton WA, and surrounding cities. With over two decades as a VA buyer and seller agent, her personal connection to the military lifestyle fuels her commitment to assisting veterans in finding their ideal homes.

Cindy’s approach goes beyond transactions; she aspires to create a positive experience for those who have served our nation. By reaching out to the local veteran community, Cindy aims to provide tailored real estate solutions that cater to their specific needs. Her dedication to both the real estate industry and the military community establishes her as a trustworthy ally for veterans seeking homes in the vibrant community of Bremerton and the surrounding communities. Cindy Lyon is not just a Real Estate Broker she is a genuine advocate for those who have dedicated their lives to service.

Cindy’s number one goal is to make the home buying or selling process simple and stress free for local veterans, offering tailored solutions in each locale in Washington. She specializes in guiding veterans through the intricacies of VA loans and benefits, ensuring a seamless real estate experience. Her commitment goes beyond transactions; she actively collaborates with local veteran organizations, contributing to the well-being of those who have served. As the premier veteran’s realtor in Bremerton WA, Cindy’s services in these communities reflect a genuine commitment to supporting veterans in their housing endeavors.

Cindy Lyon


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In my role as a Real Estate Broker at RSVP Real Estate The Lyon Group, my commitment to serving veterans in Bremerton and the surrounding areas goes beyond mere transactions-it’s a personal mission rooted in respect and gratitude. I’ve witnessed the unique challenges veterans face in the real estate realm. My dedication is unwavering, driven by a sincere desire to ensure every veteran I work with experiences a tailored journey when buying or selling their homes.

I Understanding the intricacies of VA loans and benefits has become second nature to me, and I strive to empower veterans with this knowledge, making the process as smooth as possible. Beyond the technicalities, I actively engage with local veteran organizations, participating in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of those who’ve selflessly served our nation.

For me, it’s about building genuine connections, listening intently to the aspirations and concerns of each veteran. Whether it’s finding the perfect home or strategically marketing a property for sale, I approach every transaction with a personalized touch. The Lyon Group stands not just as a real estate agency, but as a symbol of my commitment to transforming the home buying and selling experience into a positive and supportive journey for the heroes who’ve dedicated their lives to our country. Serving veterans isn’t just my profession-it’s my honor and privilege.

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